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  • Ball mount 75mm/100mm/150mm
  • Steadicam mount system
  • Monitor mount system
  • Cable accessory crossbar


  • Folded cart dimensions: height 150mm / width 620mm / lenght 850mm
  • Assembled cart dimensions: height 1000mm / width 620mm / lenght 850mm
  • Weight: 30kg without accessories
  • Capacity: max 150kg

adicam MINI

Uneven terrain or small space are only a samples of challanges which the   cameramen have to resolve. The appropriate and stable setup as well as possiblity of fast cameras and supplementary equipment moving can help in the job realization. The help is provided only by the movie cart Adicam MINI.

Adicam MINI weighs barely 30 kg and allows to transport the equipment of the fivefold more  weight. The torsion wheels have been enriched with breaks which guarantees more stability in difficult conditions. Thanks to the facing covering the both decks, the carried equipment is stabilized. The cart can be folded as a small dimensions suitcase to be easy carried by most cars.  The wide list of the available accessories allows for a configuration by choice. Our trolleys are covered by a 2 year warranty.

Price: 1000 € tax not included
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