Looking for facilitation on set? Flipping heavy and valuable equipment takes too much time?
If so, this product is for you.
Extremely low weight, maximum lifting capacity of 200kg and compact dimensions are only some of the advantages of our trolleys. The installation and dissassembly of the adicam takes only a minute, and when folded to a small size like a suitcase, it is really easy to be transported by most of the cars. Check out our video and learn more!

About us

In Adicam we manufacture film carts, repair video equipment and camera outriggers, steadicams as well as we execute the special orders for industry of movie. Many years of experience and passion in our job have encouranged us to create the line of products which help on movie an tv plan.

There is no question: „ it’s not possible”. We want you to remember us along with the words. We believe here is always better solution that is why whose are looking for it are very welcome in Adicam. Your expectations will always be met because our client satisfaction is the most important.

Once Alfred Hitchcock said: The worst part in movie making is filming itself as I have all the movie in my mind. Let us help you in „the worst” part.

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Our products in action!