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Welcome to ADICAM

We decided to set up this company because we love video production and people who are dedicated to it. Many years of experience and passion for what we do have resulted in a product line focused on solution of all types of difficulties and problems that seem to be an inseparable part of working on a professional film set.

In adicam we manufacture film carts, repair video equipment and undertake special orders. We believe that there is always a better solution - that is why we welcome those who search with open arms. Your expectations will be fully met as customer satisfaction is the most important thing to us.

Alfred Hitchcock once said: "The worst part in movie making is filming them itself as you already have them in your mind!” Let us help you to do “the worst” part. If something is bothering you or you need special help – feel free to contact us by call or in written form – we are here to help!

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