RoboCup Holster


RoboCup Holster is another exciting add-on accessory for the RoboCup that securely holds your pens, keys, wallet, phones, tools and much more.  In the storage area, there’s a charging port slot which has been carefully designed and also a tiny drain hole.  The 6 tool slots are reinforced for durability and sized for carabiners, scissors, hex keys, pliers and screwdrivers.  For convenient viewing, a smartphone or tablet can be leaned against the Holster.

Attach using the provided two straps and tighten snugly to secure.  Remove all existing straps from the RoboCup before attaching the Holster. The position of the Holster can be swiveled around the RoboCup for ideal placement.  The Holster can also be placed on a desk or strapped onto most tubes.


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