Shelf with Drawer


The adicam Shelf with Drawer is the perfect studio and location accessory for your laptop, allowing you to increase your working space and store all necessary  audio/video production accessories. It is layered with a soft carpet that protects both the items placed in the drawer as well as the drawer itself from scratches. It has a personalized 3 digit combination lock that ensures your valuable gear is fully protected. Designed for mounting on an adicam cart tube, any light stand, or a monitor stand using the Super Clamp.

Inside Shelf (L×W×H) 295 x 390 x 15 mm
Inside Drawer (L×W×H) 255 x 355 x 95 mm
Outside (LxWxH) with Super Clamp 400 x 400 x 160 mm
Weight with Super Clamp: 3,9 kg
Maximum Capacity: 10 kg

Our set includes:
1× Shelf with Drawer with Super Clamp

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